Yvette Salva Fitness provides programs that have proven to work time and time and again. We use advanced techniques that combine resistance training, cardio, core and flexibility training. So whether your goal is to lose weight, sculpt your muscles or just feel better we will design a customized program to meet your goals.

use_this_pic_of_me_in_opening_page   _first_page  _take_out_kick_boxpicWhy Hire a Personal Trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer is an important decision…not only is your investment a concern, but you also have to be sure that you are getting the service that you want and deserve. At Yvette Salva Fitness all of our trainers are women. We believe in women training women, your personal trainer will be timely, provide guidance, encouragement, motivation, friendship, and accountability. These are all important characteristics we impart on our staff on a regular basis through continuing education.

Why is it important to exercise with a personal trainer that is regularly going through continuing education?

Believe it or not fitness theory and application is a changing science. If you’ve been to the gym in the last 3 years you’ll find that the best trainers are not using the same techniques they were then or, for that matter, 3 months ago. Our staff learns and refines their techniques on a monthly basis so you’ll always be getting the best training using the latest modern fitness science has to offer to reach your results

3 Reasons to use Yvette Salva Fitness

  • REASON 1: The Best Female Personal Trainers in MIDDLESEX COUNTY
    Our team consists of many of the best female personal trainers in and Central Jersey . The hiring process is rigorous and all of our fitness trainers have to complete additional training in a number of disciplines such as heart rate training, yoga, and Pilates as part of their orientation. You’ll never have a trainer that hasn’t proven herself by excelling at our training program.We are very picky when we add trainers to our team. We choose trainers based on their personality, passion to help clients, and communication skills… not just their certification. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you lack passion or you can’t communicate you are not going to make a great personal trainer.
  • REASON 2: Every Workout is Designed for You
    Have you ever worked with a trainer and had the same old workouts time and time again? Not much fun is it. At Yvette Salva Fitness our personal trainers design each individual workout before you see them. By planning ahead and using all of the techniques your personal trainer has to offer no two workouts will ever be the same.Why is it important to change your workouts? First of all its FUN. If you’re having fun you’ll stay motivated and reach your goals faster. Additionally, by changing workout you continually challenge your body to get the results you want faster.
  • REASON 3: Hundreds of Happy, Fit Clients
    Our exceptional staff of female personal trainers has helped people from all walks of life achieve levels of fitness they never thought possible.We want to ensure you enjoy your session and view this not only as your goal but our goal!!!